Privacy Policy


This is the privacy policy of Kankurin Tupa Kommandiittiyhtiö. The purpose of this privacy policy is to set out the principles governing our use of personal information that we may obtain about you via this website or otherwise. By using our services, you agree to this use. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using the services. 

1. Controller of the personal data file 

KANKURIN TUPA KOMMANDIITTIYHTIÖ (hereinafter referred to as “Kankurin Tupa”)
Mailing address:
Pohjoisesplanadi 35

Tel: +358 626182

2. Controller’s contact person

Heikki Myllyoja
c/o Kankurin Tupa kommandiittiyhtiö
Tel: + 358 9 626182

3. Name of the personal data file in the original language (Finnish) and in English

Kankurin Tuvan internetsivujen käyttäjien ja uutiskirjeen tilaajien asiakasrekisteri perustuen asiakassuhteeseen ja muuhun asialliseen yhteyteen 

The customer register of the users of Kankurin Tupa’s website and the subscribers of Kankurin Tupa newletter. The register is based on customer relationship and other relevant connection

4. What does this privacy policy cover?

This Privacy Policy covers Kankurin Tupa’s practices regarding the personal information Kankurin Tupa collects and processes about its customers and users of the website. For example the use of Kankurin Tupa’s services, subscribing the Kankurin Tupa’s news letters as well as visits to Kankurin Tupas’s websites and applications, are subject to this Privacy Policy. The information and the data may be collected and processed also by an organization belonging to the same group of companies as Kankurin Tupa such as subsidiary or affiliated companies of Kankurin Tupa. These companies are also bound by the terms and rules concerning the use and processing of the information and the data as stated in this privacy policy.

5. To what purposes do we process your data?

The purposes of processing your personal data are the following (one or more purposes may apply simultaneously): 

Managing and analyzing the customer relationship
Kankurin Tupa may use your personal data for managing, analyzing and improving the customer relationship with you. 

Providing and developing services
Kankurin Tupa may use your personal data for providing services for you, for example when you use our digital services, subscribe to our newsletters and participate in events. 

Managing and developing business operations
Kankurin Tupa may use your personal data to manage and develop Kankurin Tupa’s business operations. 

Communication with you
Kankurin Tupa may use your personal data to communicate with you, for example to send you alerts relating to our services or the products and services of our co-operation partners, to inform you that our services have changed and to ask for your feedback on our products and services. 

Marketing to you
Kankurin Tupa may contact you to inform you of new products, services or promotions Kankurin Tupa and its co-operation partners may offer. Kankurin Tupa may use your personal data to personalize our offering and to provide you with more relevant content. This means for example making recommendations and to display customized content and advertising in our services and in third party services. 

Marketing surveys, opinion polls and gallups
Kankurin Tupa may use your personal data and information in order to ask your opinions when organizing marketing surveys, polls or gallups.

6. What information do we collect about you? 

Content of Kankurin Tupa personal data file may include the following types of data and changes made to these data types: 

6.1 Basic information of all data subjects

  • first and last name 
  • contact data (postal address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers)
  • with respect to corporate customers, necessary information concerning the workplace of the contact persons
  • gender
  • age
  • language preferences

In addition to the above specified basic information Kankurin Tupa may process the following subcategories of personal data of you.

6.2 Information related to customer relationship and other relevant connection as well as use of services and content, such as

  • possible registration date concerning Kankurin Tupa’s services (e.g. customer number, user ID and password)
  • interests and other information provided by you
  • information relating to managing a customer relationship and other relevant connection (e.g. complaints, feedback and recording of customer service telephone calls)
  • content, correspondence and consequences related to feedback and complaints
  • direct marketing choices
  • campaigns and promotions directed to you, as well as their use
  • information of the use of Kankurin Tupa’s digital services as well as digital content created by you
  • technical data sent to Kankurin Tupa by your digital devices (such as computers and mobile devices) as well as information related to cookies and other similar technologies
  • information received from social media service providers, such as your basic profile data, location and contact lists within a service 
  • permissions, consents and prohibitions regarding direct marketing 
  • direct marketing measures directed to you as well as information on how you have exploited the directed marketing measures 
  • relevant information related to the organization or participation in the event

7. Where do we gather your personal data from?

Most of the information is collected from you and information is provided by you when using our website, products and services or when subscribing our newsletter. 

Personal data can also be collected and updated from Kankurin Tupa’s other data files and those of its cooperation partners. In addition, your personal data and its updates are obtained from authorities and companies offering personal data updating services, social media service companies, public directories and other public sources of information.  

8. Cookies

Kankurin Tupa uses cookies in its websites and web services. Cookies are small text files that can be conveyed to the user’s device via the service. Cookies or other corresponding techniques may be used to collect information on your use of the service and your device via the service. Such information may include from what page you have entered the service, the browser you are using, or the sections of the service you have been browsing and the dates and times thereof. 

Cookies enable the processing of hits and other service-related information. The in-formation obtained enables the functioning of the service to be analyzed and im-proved to provide the user with a better and more individualized experience. The information collected may also be used to target marketing likely to correspond to the interests of the user within and outside the service, for example, by utilising re-targeting.

You may prevent the use of cookies by changing your browser settings. You should note, however, that the removal of cookies or blocking their use may have a detri-mental effect on the use of the service or its specific sections or functions or even entirely prevent such use.

9. Is your data regularly shared with others? 

Kankurin Tupa does not sell, lease or otherwise disclose your personal data to third parties unless otherwise stated below.

Kankurin Tupa may share your personal data with authorized third parties that perform services for Kankurin Tupa for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy within the limits of the applicable legislation. Because Kankurin Tupa takes the responsibility to safeguard your personal data seriously, Kankurin Tupa does not allow those companies to use it for any purpose other than to perform those services, and Kankurin Tupa requires them to protect your personal data in a way consistent with this Privacy Policy.

Kankurin Tupa may share your personal data with carefully considered third parties for joint or independent direct marketing purposes. Sharing of your data for such purposes may in principle only happen when the planned purposes of the third party are not incompatible with Kankurin Tupa’s purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Only the minimum necessary amount of your personal data is shared with third parties. 

Kankurin Tupa may share your personal data on the basis of valid order from a court or other official body with sufficient authority. 

Kankurin Tupa may share your personal data as part of any merger, acquisition, sale of company assets or transition of service to another provider. This also applies in the unlikely event of an insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership in which your personal data would be transferred to another entity as a result of such a proceeding.

10. Is your data transferred to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area?

Your personal data is not generally transferred outside the European Union or European Economic Area unless it is necessary for the purpose of processing data or technical implementation. In this case Kankurin Tupa is responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the personal data legislation.

11. The principles of securing the data 

Kankurin Tupa has established electronic and administrative safeguards designed to make the information collected secure. All processed documents containing your personal data are protected against unauthorized access. Your personal data is not processed manually. 

Only appointed personnel of Kankurin Tupa and of organizations operating by Kankurin Tupa’s assignment or on behalf of Kankurin Tupa are entitled to use the personal data file application. All persons processing the application have a personal right of use based on the data a person needs according to his/her job description. 

The system is protected with a fire-wall which protects it from contacts outside of Kankurin Tupa. 

12. How long do we process your personal data?

Kankurin Tupa may process your personal data in this personal data file for as long as the customer relationship or other comparable relationship between you and Kankurin Tupa exists, as well as for a reasonable time thereafter. Kankurin Tupa may process your personal data for tax or legal purposes as long as necessary. 

After the above specified timeframe has ended, Kankurin Tupa may process part of your personal data in its direct marketing registers according to applicable legislation. 

13. Your right of access, correction and prohibition 

You have a right of access to the data concerning you in Kankurin Tupa’s personal data files. The request for right of access shall be made in writing to the contact person of the personal data file. The request for the right of access must be signed. The request for right of access can also be presented at the main office of Kankurin Tupa with verification of identity. 

You have the right to prohibit Kankurin Tupa from processing your personal data for purposes of direct advertising, distance selling, other direct marketing and market research and opinion polls and the right to demand correction of an erroneous data by contacting the controller’s contact person.

14. Choice of law and the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority and the contact details of the supervisory authority

The processing of this personal data file is governed by the laws of Finland.

In case you suspect a breach of data protection legislation and the matter is not solved amicably between you and Kankurin Tupa in negotiations, you may contact the Finnish Data Protection authority at Data Protection Ombudsman’s Office, P.O. Box 800, 00514 Helsinki, Finland. 

15. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Kankurin Tupa may from time to time change this Privacy Policy or change or withdraw access to different services at any time with or without notice. Kankurin Tupa recommends you to re-visit this Privacy Policy from time to time to notice any such changes.